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Meta Digital Marketing - Epileum London

Metaverse: Have We Seen This Before?

Whilst some people are still unaware of what the Metaverse is, others believe that this concept has already been seen before and currently exists on other hugely successful platforms. When Facebook changed its holding name to Meta back in 2021,…

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Year of the Tiger - Digital Marketing Predictions - Epileum London

The Year of The Tiger: China’s Digital Predictions for 2022

2022’s Lunar New Year brings the Year of the Tiger, symbolising power, courage, confidence, leadership and strength. As the Year of the Tiger approaches Mailman Group China, a digital marketing and social media agency have put together several digital predictions…

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Children Online Safety - Epileum Hemel Hempstead

The Children’s Code: Making the internet a safer place for our children

‘The Children’s Code’ came in force on 2 September 2021, introduced by Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as a measure used by the UK government against online harms and the risks to the privacy of minors. The code guides safeguarding the…

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BT Digital Marketing Hub - Epileum

BT Digital Marketing Hub: How Will This Benefit Your Business?

BT is launching a new digital advertising platform for businesses to run digital marketing campaigns. The BT Digital Marketing Hub has been designed to make it easier for small businesses to run their campaigns and help them to promote their…

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