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BT Digital Marketing Hub: How Will This Benefit Your Business?

BT is launching a new digital advertising platform for businesses to run digital marketing campaigns. The BT Digital Marketing Hub has been designed to make it easier for small businesses to run their campaigns and help them to promote their services/goods online.

With many businesses moving online due to the pandemic, a recent survey by Small Business Britain, in partnership with BT, found that 74% of small firms have increased their use of social media to promote their business online; 43% said they were using eCommerce more, while 30% had increased their use of paid social media advertising.

However, while small businesses recognise the importance of social media to reach a wider audience online, 40% of the 5.9 million SMEs in the UK have stated that they are not using paid media advertising.

The Digital Marketing Hub has been developed with feedback from more than 1,500 businesses and has been designed to assist those that lack the time, resources, or skills to start their digital marketing campaigns. It gives businesses the right tools and supports to create and measure their digital advertising across the likes of Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

By using the Hub, businesses can create ads and run multi-channel marketing campaigns while all results feed into a single analytics dashboard. With the use of artificial intelligence, businesses will be able to get automatic recommendations around the best keywords, copy and media spending to include in their campaigns.

BT is taking a phased approach to the platform development, with features including AI optimisation and eCommerce functionality planned for release in the upcoming months and more will be announced across the rest of the year.